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Japanese Inn A-Course Guide

Japanese Inns are called "ryokan" in English. They are often family-run, with a traditional living atmosphere at reasonable rates. Breakfast and dinner are usually included in the cost of staying. Facilities range from people's private houses with one or two rooms for guests to larger facilities with many amenities. Many "ryokan" pride themselves on their homey atmosphere, gourmet food, and willingness to please their guests.


1091-6 Shirahama-ho,Nishimurogun

Wakayama JAPAN

Postal Code 649-211

Japan Country Dial Code 81

Telephone from outside country

TEL:0739-42-3680  TEL:0739-43-0539



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"Ryokan" Japanese Inns are the answer to experiencing Japan's rich cultural heritage by staying in traditional style rooms and experiencing gourmet food at reasonable prices.

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